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The President's Letter


M. Arslane ROSTANE

Chairman of the Board

In order to be an integral part of the new government-driven economic development model, we are embracing this new dynamic by investing heavily in the mineral chemistry segment linked to fertilizers and chemical inputs for the detergent industries.

The Agricultural sector is one of the major axes of the new Algerian economic model. For this reason, the manufacture of fertilizers and chemical inputs of new generations is a guarantee of productivity and quality for obtaining agricultural products.

The major elements that revolve around the agricultural sector are related to the availability of good quality, environmentally friendly fertilizers in order to meet the growing needs of our farmers.

Through our industrial development plan, we want to accompany the agricultural sector to the deepest of the rural world, the popularization of fertilizers will be our main leitmotiv.

The unbridled pace of globalization will not allow our country to make the slightest mistake in its strategy of agricultural development, it is our duty as Algerian investors to be up to the challenges of tomorrow.

Finally, it must be said that every time you see a business succeed, tell yourself that it is because one day someone made a courageous decision.